The Pineapple Peakz Wittle Downhill

The Wittle Downhill Board is a mini version of your traditional downhill racing board. This unique board is 21.5" long and features drop thru style truck mounting, giving you a lower center of gravity for higher speeds and quick maneuvering...No need to keep buying wheel set after wheel set from sliding to slow yourself down steep hills and around those curvy mountains, this sleek Wittle board can slalom its way down and around the mountain as if you were snowboarding on fresh powder!!! 

The Pineapple Peakz Wittle Downhill

SKU: 00197901

Construction -

100% 5-ply bamboo

Drop through style deck


Dimensions - 

18" length

9" wide

12" wheel base


Components - 

Gullwing Mission One 9" trucks 

60mm 78a Blue LED light up wheels

1.25" steel bolts


Riding style - 



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