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mini cruiser skateboard

Why Walk When You Can Ride With Wittleboardz


The first Wittleboard made its beach-front debut on January 5th, 2015 in Pacific Beach, San Diego!  The owner had wanted to make herself a custom longboard.  When it was finished, she wondered if she could use what was left over of the bamboo to make a mini-cruiser. 


She crafted a uniquely-sized board and slapped a pair of longboard trucks on it.  What began as a test ride quickly gathered wide-spread interest and excitement among skaters and non-skaters alike. As the owner took the 18-inch-long cruiser for its first ride along the boardwalk, the demand for this backpack-sized micro-cruiser was overwhelming - and on that day, Wittleboardz became the most versatile way to get where you need to go!

bamboo skateboard


Riding one of our micro-cruisers, you will definitely be turning heads!  These revolutionary boardz give you the smooth ride of a long board, with the speed and agility to cruise through crowds without a care.  Riding one of these, you will find yourself in the growing community of forward-thinking skaters who know there's no comparison to the portability, maneuverability, convenience, and craftsmanship of Wittleboardz. Whether you're enjoying a ride on a beach boardwalk or speeding across campus to an early-morning class, you'll be asking yourself one question: Where have these been all my life?

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